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Chapter 43: Undercover Investigation

Training in the morning, Touta recalls the recent events. Intending to get stronger, Touta reaches Yukihime with a request to be his coach. After talking about Fate, as well as UQ Holder, Touta receives a job to recruit an immortal and if that were to fail, to dispose of him. He is joined by Kuroumaru and Karin, putting on their uniforms in order to infiltrate a private boarding school as students. Much to Kuroumaru's embarrassement, he is given a girl uniform by Karin. In the middle of their banter, Ikkuu joins them and soon, the group arrives at Amano-Mihashira Academy City.
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Kurutta Anchihiro (狂ったアンチヒーロー Kurutta Anchihīrō?) is an Immortal Homunculus and is a member of the immortal organization; UQ Holder.

Kurutta usually maintains a stern, serious, and distanced personality, but often loses his temper in a exaggerated and comical style. He tends to smile whenever he his fighting a powerful and/or interesting opponent, it has been stated that the only emotions that Kuru is capable of feeling are rage and excitement. He usually shows blatant disregard for other people and is very selfish, he is almost on bad terms with anyone and always decides to not make friends with the people he meets. ( more)

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  • The 66th chapter entitled Define the Relationship has been released! You can read it legally and for free at the Crunchyroll Manga site.
  • The fifth volume of UQ Holder! manga has been released in Japan!
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